THE RAZPLET TRANSLATION COMPANY is a comprehensive provider of translation services. We provide translation and subtitling services for various programming and media needs. Our team is expert and professional in adapting texts for subtitling. We work with specialized software enabling savings in time and the speedy delivery of orders, as well as the delivery of all formats according to the client’s needs. RAZPLET draws on a pool of highly qualified translators, language editors and proof readers to meet various demands. Quality control is an integral component of our work. From the moment we receive the material to the delivery of finished work, we strive to meet our clients’ strict requirements.

Thanks to the quality of work, speed and accuracy, and a developed and functional network of top translators, RAZPLET proved to be a reliable and valuable partner of locally, regionally and globally renowned TV stations and channels. The firm transformed into one of the leading Slovene companies specialized for translating television content.

The valuable asset and foundation of the firm’s success is the diversified, highly organized network comprising of more than 60 professional translators providing translation of content to more than 25 languages.